An educational program located at the Lancaster County Youth Services Center

Welcome to the Pathfinder Education Program

The Pathfinder Program opened in February of 2002. The grade 7-12 education program is located in the Lancaster County Youth Services Center. We serve short term, pre-adjudicated, youth for the detention center.  We offer fully accredited educational services to youth awaiting decisions by the court which will best address their needs during their times of difficulty.

From our Director…

Photo of program administrator, Erik Witt
Erik Witt, Program Administrator

Welcome to the Pathfinder Education Program website. I am honored to be the Educational Director working with an amazing staff of experienced and dedicated teachers, and support staff. Our priority is inspiring students to want to learn and providing them with the necessary tools to be successful and life-long learners.

Our program addresses the individual needs of each student and provides a supportive instructional environment. Our classes are mixed age and ability based upon the county security needs, and our student population is highly mobile due to short lengths of stay. We have developed a Blended Learning environment of whole group, small group, and individualized instruction with specialized differentiation.   Our curriculum is based upon a foundation of online courses provided by LPS. We make individual accommodations for any unique student needs such as Special Education, ELL, behavioral and mental health, and gifted students.  Through utilizing Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports, and Restorative Practices we can build a community of learners in our unique environment.

The Pathfinder Program provides a caring environment strongly based upon building supportive relationships, offering alternatives, and searching for what each student needs to be successful. We also offer GED preparation support, and career exploration assistance. Outside of the regular school day we provide specialized Life Skills training.

Transition into and out of the program is crucial to student success.  Math and Reading assessments, parent contact, and an academic credit summary are all part of the initial processing into the program. We also begin conversations with students about their transition back into the community immediately upon arrival, and it continues after release and back into the schools and community based upon student need.  Transitional follow through is a strong contributing factor to student success and avoiding recidivism.

We believe in each and every student that comes through our program, and in the power of education to remove students from the juvenile justice system. We continually strive to find new ways to meet the needs of each individual student, so they can develop and empower themselves to lead positive and constructive lives.

Erik Witt



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